Braves legend Tom Glavine addresses Trevor Bauer saga, "I would not want to be playing any professional sport in today's world"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Atlanta Braves great and MLB Hall of Famer Tom Glavine spoke with OutKick's Dan Dakich on Don't @ Me With Dan Dakich and Bauer came up. Glavine's perspective on the timing and the length of the suspension was interesting, especially in light of Bauer's revelation in the video that he was never charged despite investigations by multiple law enforcement bodies and won the only court case that was brought against him:

“You can't go back in time and put in and be three years younger and play. I think there needs to be a little bit of a conversation about how we handle these things, because in the end, there is a chance that the guys that are being accused didn't do anything wrong or they get found they’re not doing anything wrong and you can't get that time back. So I'm not sitting here and suggesting that I know the answer, but I just feel for guys when they get into a situation like that, it seems like the knee jerk reaction immediately now is, oh, we have to do something because it's, it's kind of a hot topic issue, so to speak.”'

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