'Unconscious' sexism is killing women with cancer in 'prime of their life' as major report demands a 'feminist approach' to treating disease

Article here. Excerpt:

'Sexism is leading to hundreds of thousands of deaths from preventable cancers every year, a new report claims.

'Unconscious' gender biases and discrimination are hindering women's access to cancer prevention, care and treatment, which is lowering their chance of survival, according to a report into gender inequalities in cancer.

A team of international researchers, who studied women and cancer in 185 countries, found 800,000 women worldwide, including 24,000 in the UK, are dying needlessly every year as a result.

The Lancet Commission criticised the narrow focus on 'women's cancers', with conversations focusing on breast and cervical forms of the disease and neglecting lung and bowel cancer — two of causes of cancer death among women globally.

They called for a 'feminist approach' to the disease to boost diagnoses and care, warning that women are dying 'in the prime of their life'.'

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