‘Some of You Lied About Your Gender:’ Men Swamp Tech Conference for Women

Article here. Good for them. Fight gender discrimination! Excerpt:

'A conference meant to provide a space for women and non-binary technologists was overrun by men — and attendees report standing in hours-long lines to talk to recruiters, being shoved and harassed, and watching men jump over escalators to cut in line ahead of other attendees. Conference organizers also said that some attendees lied about their gender when they registered for the event.

The Grace Hopper Celebration, named for the pioneering computer scientist, was hosted by AnitaB.org in Orlando, Florida last week, and “brings the research and career interests of women in computing to the forefront,” according to the website. The conference welcomes all genders, but organizers encourage men to come as allies to women and non-binary technologists. This year, people who were there reported a massive influx of male attendees at the conference, who seemingly behaved like they were in the Hunger Games for computer scientists.'

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IDK if this was organized or spontaneous but I'd be very curious to know. This was a significant act of rebellion by men against their exclusion from economic and related opportunities. There needs to be more of this, organized or spontaneous. Men need to stop taking exclusion lying down.

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