Trevor Bauer reveals shocking details after settling claims with San Diego woman

Article here. Excerpt:

'Former MLB star pitcher Trevor Bauer, who played baseball in Japan this past season, has reportedly come to a settlement after a legal battle with a San Diego woman. The woman, Lindsey Hill, accused the 2020 NL Cy Young winner of battery and sexual assault. Bauer later sued her due to defamation before she also sued him. Bauer's attorney's released a statement on the matter, a source shared with ClutchPoints.

Bauer also shared a video to social media, where he revealed shocking details about the situation and explained his decision to sue Hill. The following video, titled “Lindsey Hill's Concealed Texts Finally Exposed”, is from Bauer's YouTube account.

The following statement was made by Trevor Bauer in his video:

“‘Next victim. Star pitcher for the dodgers.' A text Lindsey Hill sent to a friend before she ever even met me. ‘What should I steal?' she asked another, in reference to visiting my house for the first time. The answer? ‘Take his money'. So how might that work? ‘I’m going to his house Wednesday,' she said. ‘I already have my hooks in. you know how I roll.' Then, after the first time we met, ‘Net worth is 51 mil,' she said. ‘B***h, you better secure the bag', was the response. But how was she going to do that? ‘Need daddy to choke me out,' she said. ‘Being an absolute whore to try to get in on his 51 million,' read another text. Then, after the second time we met, former Padres pitcher Jacob Nix told her ‘you gotta get this bag.' ‘I’ll give you 50,000,' Lindsey replied. Her AA sponsor asked her at one point, ‘do you feel a tiny bit guilty?' ‘Not really,' she replied.”'

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