Ava Evans hits back at GB News interview claim: ‘I never, ever said this’

Article here. Excerpt:

'During a debate on Sky News, Connor Tomlinson was arguing for ‘free speech’ and insisted Laurence Fox should not be removed from the TV channel over his derogatory comments about Evans after he was suspended.

In order to illustrate his point, the GB News commentator referred to a past debate he’d had with Evans.

‘Ava said women should weaponise false rape allegations in order to keep men afraid of actually committing sexual assault, and when I questioned this she implied that me and my friends would only be afraid of this if we are potential rapists.

‘She’s suffered no repercussions for that.’

He concluded: ‘Should Ava suffer consequences for that?’'

“Men SHOULD Be Frightened!” Ava debates Panel on MeToo Movement’s Effect On Men

YouTube video here

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