So, What Exactly Is A False Rape Allegation?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Activists on social media have been quick to point out that the use of legal speech in a way that could be described as weaponising opens the door for people to accuse alleged victims of making false rape allegations.

Gina Martin, a gender equality activist, writer, speaker and author of Be The Change and No Offence, But…. explains how the use of legal language and legal maxims across social media shapes the discourse and perceptions of sexual violence against women and girls.

″”Innocent until guilty” is a common response that comes up in response to allegations of sexual violence against famous and powerful men – it was popular online during the #metoo movement too – but its usage is a problem,” she says.

Martin tells me how weaponising the legal maxim ends up doing more harm than good by quashing public discussion about allegations. “It is being used to silence discussions from mostly women and people living under misogyny.”

She continues, “Chillingly, this phrase makes it more possible for men accused of harm to skirt accountability in society, just as they do in our legal system.″'

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