Duke’s female-only scholars program constitutes sex discrimination, civil rights watchdog says

Article here. Excerpt:

'Duke University is under scrutiny by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights after a watchdog filed a complaint alleging a campus female-only program violates federal law.

The watchdog, Mark J. Perry, claims that Duke’s female-only Alice M. Baldwin Scholars Program is a violation of Title IX as it “operates exclusively for female students and illegally excludes and discriminates against non-female students based on their sex and gender identity.”

The program, which aims to support female leaders on campus, also violates the university’s own policy on nondiscrimination, according to Perry.

Title IX does not have “unless you have good intentions” exceptions, Perry told The College Fix, saying “sex-based discrimination is still unlawful even if it advantages the ‘right’ sex for the ‘right’ reason.”'

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