UK: Law will let young people find sperm donor parents

Article here. No mention of this as a contract abrogation against the donor who for any number of reasons might want to go un-contacted or unidentified. Excerpt:

'People born using a sperm or egg donor in the UK, who turn 18 after Sunday, will be able to find out the identity of the donor because of a change in the law.

Matthew and Phoebe Betts have known since they were two that they were conceived by a sperm donor.
The 16-year-old twins have spent their lives wondering who he is.

When they turn 18 next year, they will be able to apply to find out his name and last-known address if they want to try to find out where they came from.
The twins know their donor dad's build, his eye and hair colour and some of his hobbies, such as photography, swimming and the guitar. They also know he has a masters degree in business.'

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