Luis Rubiales puts £1.2m home up for sale as legal costs spiral over 'kissgate' scandal

Article here. Excerpt:

'Former Spanish Football Federation chief Luis Rubiales has stuck his luxury Madrid apartment on the market amidst the controversy surrounding the kiss-gate scandal.

The 46-year-old resigned from his post last Sunday as RFEF president, three weeks on from Spain winning the Women's World Cup final and his controversial kiss with Jenni Hermoso. After growing pressure to step down, Rubiales confirmed the news in an interview with Piers Morgan.

Now, a week later, Rubiales has been forced to sell his £1.2million Spanish mansion as he faces mounting legal bills and an increase in financial support to his ex-wife and kids, according to The Sun. Rubiales split with his wife in 2013 and reportedly has to pay €800 per-month for each of his three daughters.'

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Indeed. For kissing a soccer player on the lips he literally has to give up his house. Does anyone else think this is nuts?

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I wonder if every other person who kissed or hugged another person on that day, will be held to account for their sexual assault? If suspect that only those who are hated by the feminist establishment will be treated this way.

What price passion? Is women's soccer is too dangerous to celebrate?

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