Croatia announces new bill to recognise femicide in country's criminal code

Article here. Excerpt:

'Croatia announced this week a new bill which will introduce femicide into the country’s criminal code and impose longer prison terms for rape.

Croatia’s Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic called it “the most extensive and perhaps the most significant changes so far” aimed at tackling violence against women and children in the country.

“The proposed measures are a confirmation of what we keep repeating – the political will to fight violence against women exists. It is unquestionable, constant, ethical, and it is our value system,” Plenkovic said during a meeting with representatives of institutions and citizens’ associations in Zagreb on Wednesday.

The amendments to the existing laws suggested by the government will be released to the public for consultation by the end of next week. Ideally, they should come into force by January 2024.

As part of the new measure, Croatia will introduce the crime of femicide into its criminal code making it a standalone offence punishable with a prison sentence that will start from 10 years and could possibly be longer.'

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