This week: a woman who disposes of abusive men

Article here. Excerpt:

'This week there’s a revenge novel about a woman who disposes of abusive men. By killing them. There’s a bleak dystopian novel set in Dublin, although you’d barely recognise the city. There’s a family left devastated by a forest fire in Greece. There’s a morality tale about engaging in a spot of wife-swapping and there’s a satirical thriller about feminism gone horribly wrong.

The plot opens with protagonist Saffy accidentally murdering her stepfather at just 12 years old. There are no tears spilled, however, Saffy was constantly protecting her younger sister from him. But this taste of first blood follows Saffy into adulthood, where by day she’s ‘normal’ enough and by night she hunts down and kills bad guys who have harmed women. She’s also looking for one good man to marry and it seems she’s found him, a True Crimes writer and podcaster. But he doesn’t seem interested. Saffy will make him interested…

This novel is being hailed as a ‘feminist satire’ but it’s just a very enjoyable yarn about a woman with a skewed view on fixing things, especially men. That said, Saffy’s obsession is well depicted and she’s a memorable character.'

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