WorldVision asks you to "Sponsor a Girl"

The campaign page is here. First off, these people at WV are trying to help desperately poor people in the world. Nothing is wrong per se with this campaign. But what does it say about their perceptions of what appeals to possible donors? WV knows as well as anyone that of 100 children in need of help, at least 50 will be boys. So why not ask people to sponsor a boy? Answer: They think that people will be far less sympathetic with boys than girls, that's why. And studies show they're right.

I don't blame them for taking the approach most likely to get them donors. Saving girls is a cause celebre. Saving boys is... ho-hum, what? In the abstract, people care much more about females' welfare than males'. This WV campaign is just one of many instances of this phenomenon.

The contact form for WV is here. If you are inclined to, please write a *politely-worded* note to WV commending them on their great work to alleviate poverty, but... what of the boys? Boys who end up forced to work in slave labor conditions in mines or elsewhere, or of boys forcibly taken into the service of criminal gangs? Will there be a campaign for boys any time soon? And if not, why not? Enterprises like WV can show support for boys too without taking anything from girls and vice versa. So why not do so?

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