8 Shared Traits of Daughters Abandoned by Their Fathers

Article here. I speculate that girls raised without fathers generally may develop at least some of these traits. Excerpt:

'Joanne's story, while heartbreaking, is a common one among many of my clients. As a therapist who works with survivors of relational trauma, I have many clients who have experienced parental abandonment or the departure of a caregiver. This can happen for a multitude of reasons: imprisonment, death, physical separation. Sometimes the parent leaves due not to choice or fault of their own. Nevertheless, all abandonment can be devastating, especially if the child does not have the tools they need to cope and move forward.

But the most devastating losses are those in which caregivers left voluntarily. Joanne's father left at a time when she was old enough to have a bond with him yet young enough to internalize his leaving into self-blame and stunted emotional growth.'

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