UK: Woman threatened to make false rape claim after consensual sex in 'devious' £5k blackmail plot

Article here. Excerpt:

'A blackmailer who threatened to make a fake rape allegation to police unless her victim forked out £5,000 has been locked up. Tahereh Ghorbanlou made her 'devious and dishonest threats' after meeting the man on a dating app.

The pair went on to have consensual sex but she later claimed she was 'injured and in pain'. Ghorbanlou then demanded cash from the man in return for her silence.

She later lied to police and claimed she had been a victim of a sex attack - but no evidence was ever found. The 34-year-old even searched the internet for 'sexual violence price' and 'sexual violence definition' after the pair's encounter.

The defendant was arrested and claimed she was the victim of sexual violence but refused to provide any written statement or sign the comments she made. She was then bailed but contacted police to make a counter-allegation of rape against the man on March 20.'

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