What Are Men For?

Article here. Excerpt:

'One of the most important voices on men’s issues right now is Richard Reeves, the former Brookings scholar and current president of the American Institute for Boys and Men. Reeves’s latest, Of Boys and Men, is, in my view, the most comprehensive review of how men declined so rapidly following the feminist waves.

Reeves published an essay yesterday on challenges plaguing the modern male. Men don’t have a solid definition of “masculinity,” and regardless of how it’s defined, masculinity is usually perceived negatively, anyway, Reeves argues. His own understanding of manhood seems to be a good model:
Four out of five people think that “masculine” is a negative quality when applied to men, according to a 2018 Pew study. That’s not too shocking a number, considering the status male identity has occupied for decades. Men, it’s clear, need better examples of masculinity to remind them that they are not redundant — and to end the war on masculinity, for good.'

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