Toxic masculinity or toxic journalism? Reporting on teaching masculinity in schools

Article here. Excerpt:

'A recent article in 'The West Australian' headlined 'How We Stop This Kid Becoming A Monster', with the sub headline stating, 'Call for DV lessons at all schools to address menace of toxic masculinity' came to my attention on Tuesday evening. In the current cultural climate, seeing the terms ‘toxic’ and ‘masculinity’ side by side is nothing unusual. In fact, in 2018 the word ‘toxic’ was voted Word of the Year and the phrase ‘toxic masculinity’ ranked second only to ‘toxic chemicals’, which in a climate of environmental concern only further highlights the phrases popular use. However, this article was quite unique in its deplorability in suggesting the expression of ‘unhelpful’ masculinity is in itself destructive and dangerous, and insinuating that if not properly ‘stopped’ young men and boys are destined to be monsters and menaces.'

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