A New Texas Start-up Wants to Save Us From Mansplaining Contractors

Article here. Excerpt:

'Say you have a project that needs completing, like fixing a leaky faucet, or retiling your bathroom. Matriarchy Build allows you to consult with a trustworthy expert in the field, for a fee ranging from $25 for a 10-minute consultation to $150 for a 55-minute talk. (Some consultants charge more than others.) As Soslow points out, the consultant “has no skin in the game.” They won’t be trying to upsell you, and more often than not aren’t in your city, so they aren’t pitching their services for the job. (Ainslie, who lives in Austin, is spearheading a local subscription service for in-person work, which rolled out in July.) The consultants are there to answer your questions, and tell you what questions to ask, or who else to ask. They can also give advice on how to educate yourself if you’re trying to go the DIY route.

Expertise on the platform is wide: consultants can tell you how to keep your houseplants alive, how to choose materials for a bathroom remodeling job, or how to arrange frames for a gallery wall. And because the platform is built on the concept of women helping women, the consultants probably won’t talk to you like you’re a dumb girl.'

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For real?

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