The Commodification of Hating Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'“I think it's healthy for women to bitch about men and complain about the way they're treated,” says journalist Marie Le Conte, author of Escape: How a Generation Shaped, Destroyed and Survived the Internet. “But not only have brands ruined the internet, they are the internet. They encroach on all our conversations, identities and personalities. They just want to make money and the problem is social media has offered them such an efficient way of targeting us, what we’re talking about and what we feel strongly about.”

“Female rage has earnt a cultural capital that’s lucrative for brands,” continues Cole. “Women are more likely to spend their disposable income than men, and are also earning more money as workplace inequality evens out. This means women’s trust is super valuable to brands.”

Although I regularly say, “Men are trash” to my friends, I know it doesn’t really achieve anything. As Sean Thor Conroe wrote in his 2022 book Fuccboi: “Like, OK, yes – dudes have been shitty for all time. But so, what, now the move was to… out-shitty them? I don’t know, bro. Didn’t know whether that was the move. Whether that would provide long-term satisfaction, once that hit of reactionary “clapback” power wore off.”'

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