Piers Morgan: 'If there is a Minister for Women, why is there no Minister for Men?'

Article here. Excerpt:

'This week the Labour Party reshuffled its top tier and unveiled a shadow minister for women’s health and women’s mental health.

But what about men? Are there no issues with men’s health and mental health? Tory MP Nick Fletcher is making waves today by campaigning for a Minister for Men.

The feminist blowback has been as swift as it is predictable. One commentator quipped that “as long as rooms of men are writing policy…every minister is already a minister for men.”

This research group said there’s simply no problem for men because men are rich CEOs who run the male-domimated world.

But the facts say otherwise. Nearly three quarters of adults who go missing are men. 87 per cent of rough sleepers in the UK are men.

Men are three times more likely to become alcoholics or drug addicts, men are more likely to be sectioned, most suicides are men, most prisoners are men, most people who are vilified and ostracised for sharing their opinions are men, young men are falling behind in school.

And young men are also constantly browbeaten by man-bashing movies like Barbie and phrases like “rape culture” which teach them they are evil by design.

Men are also subject to a kind sex-based shadow justice system which relies more on the court of public opinion than a court of law.

Campaigners hounded Manchester United into offloading Mason Greenwood over a charge of attempted rape, which was dropped.'

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