UK: A Tory MP wants a minister for men. How about one for white people, heterosexuals and the upper classes?

Article here. Excerpt:

'The first thing to say about the idea of appointing a minister for men, as suggested last week by Tory MP Nick Fletcher and taken rather seriously by many, is that it is insulting.

Some people seem to have missed this, perhaps because sexism is less taboo than some other types of discrimination. So let’s make it clearer. Imagine appointing a minister for any other dominant group – a minister for white people, say, or heterosexuals, or the able-bodied.

Or how about a minister for the upper classes? You could after all argue that the upper classes suffer from problems specific to their group. Psychological scars from boarding school, hunting-related spinal injuries, receding chins, emotional reticence, an over-reliance on homeopathy, persistent mockery in sketch shows, spite from leftwing columnists and more difficulty, these days, getting an entry job at the BBC. Upper-class teens, some studies show, are more vulnerable to substance abuse. Some of these problems are genetic (or hereditary), some a consequence of their idiosyncratic culture, and some a result of modern attempts to redress class inequality.'

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The whole idea of there being a ministry for men terrifies feminists because egad, they may face official resistence to their incessant list of demands. And no one wants that!

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