Hockey Canada summit to tackle toxic masculinity as a root problem in sport’s culture

Article here. Excerpt:

'Sheldon Kennedy feels the weight of what will be discussed at Hockey Canada’s summit in Calgary.

The two-day “Beyond The Boards Summit” on Friday and Saturday is designed to tackle one root cause identified at the heart of racism, sexism, homophobia, discrimination and exclusion in hockey.

How masculinity is defined in hockey – glorifying toughness and violence, the “bro culture”, the “code of the locker room” – and how elite men’s hockey dominates the sport’s culture in Canada are on the agenda.

The agenda was developed based on research by Teresa Fowler, an assistant professor at Concordia University in Edmonton, who has written hockey works well for white heterosexual males and not as well for others.

“To get to the root, we have to start peeling off all of those layers,” Fowler told CP. “What spills out from hypermasculinity are those things racism, homophobia.'

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