Jenni Hermoso files criminal complaint against Luis Rubiales over kiss

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Spanish footballer Jenni Hermoso has filed a criminal complaint accusing Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish football federation, of sexual assault over the unsolicited kiss he gave her after the Women’s World Cup final, the Spanish prosecutor’s office has said.

The complaint comes after prosecutors at the country’s top criminal court said they were investigating the incident – in which Rubiales grabbed Hermoso by the head, pulled her towards him and planted a kiss on her lips – amid concerns that there may be grounds for sexual assault charges. As part of the investigation, Hermoso was invited to file a formal complaint.

The prosecutor’s office said that Hermoso’s testimony, given one day earlier, would be processed “as soon as possible”. Under a recently passed sexual consent law, Rubiales could face a fine or between one and four years in prison if found guilty of sexual assault, it added.'

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