‘Birthgap’ producer touted by Jordan Peterson canceled at Cambridge; film shut down, called misogynistic

Article here. Excerpt:

'Cambridge University recently canceled a film screening of “Birthgap – Childless World” and discussion with the film’s writer, director and producer, Stephen Shaw, after protesters called his theories regarding the steep decrease in human birth rates sexist and misogynistic.

The event was scheduled for May 12 at the college’s St. John campus until administrators abruptly canceled the showing less than 48 hours before the start time.

“We are confused why anyone would want to protest about a film which simply conveys hard data on birthrate trends and contains the voices of people, mostly women, from around the world,” Shaw told The College Fix in an email.

The protesters claimed Shaw’s film echoed “misogyny,” “transphobia,” “homophobia” and “racism” and cited Shaw’s appearance on popular psychologist Jordan Peterson’s show to justify their distaste for the speaker, according to Bentley-Astor’s Twitter.'

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