America's Manhood Crisis

Article here. Excerpt:

'Much has been said in recent years of the divisions in American society, the dangers to our democracy, and our growing polarization. Surely it is no coincidence that these ills have proliferated while American men have struggled. As the anthropologist David Gilmore once wrote, "Manhood is the social barrier that societies must erect against entropy, human enemies, the forces of nature, time, and all the human weaknesses" that threaten social life. No menace to this nation is greater than the collapse of American manhood, the collapse of masculine strength.

To be frank, some welcome that collapse: namely, those on the American Left. In fact, they have helped drive it. In the power centers they control, places like the press, the academy, and politics, they blame masculinity for America's woes. The tribunes of elite opinion long ago decided that male strength is dangerous—toxic, leading inevitably to oppression and a hateful patriarchy. To be admitted to polite society in America today, one is supposed to confess—and I say "confess" advisedly, for the Left it is a type of religious incantation—that masculinity is an arbitrary social construct that has made the world a much more terrible place. As one liberal author summed up the conventional wisdom, "talking about 'healthy masculinity' is like talking about 'healthy cancer.'"'

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