Women cops ‘insulted,’ ‘offended’ by NYPD lowering academy standards

Article here. Excerpt:

'Female cops are “insulted” by the NYPD’s efforts to boost gender equity — by lowering standards during rookie tryouts, including scrapping the timed 1.5-mile run.

The controversial shift — which former training Chief Juanita Holmes said would help more women applicants make the grade — sparked fireworks between Holmes and Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell, who sources said wanted to keep the run.

Holmes was abruptly shifted to lead the city Probation Department on March 9.

The run “will no longer be part of the final evaluation of officers” an NYPD spokesperson confirmed on Friday.

“I’m offended,” huffed one female cop on patrol Friday. “We were in the academy when it was on the fence whether or not [the run] was going to be canceled and we had to pass it to get through the academy. … If those females don’t want to put in that effort to pass the mile and a half run, I don’t think they should be cops.”'

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