Australia: Positive masculinity program at Brighton Grammar School aims to create respectful men

Article here. Excerpt:

'For more than a decade, an all-boys school in Melbourne's leafy south-east has worked to create a program to develop its students into "respectful men".

Brighton Grammar School's positive masculinity program, +M, has been developed with mental health experts and was designed to shape perceptions of manhood.
Dr Englar-Carlson said there were a lot of buzzwords around masculinity, but the movement was focused around "healthy and adaptive" elements that needed to be cultivated in boys.

"I want to understand how we can help men be healthier and happier, and essentially improve the lives of everyone around them, including himself," Dr Englar-Carlson said.

He said it was a challenging space to work in as society tended to gravitate to what men were doing wrong.'

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