ISIS Women Accused of Turning Boys as Young as 13 Into a Human Stud Farm

Article here. Excerpt:

'Two boys have come forward to claim they were victims in a twisted plot run by ISIS women that forced at least 10 young teenagers to try to impregnate dozens of women held in a detention center.

“We are being forced to have sex with the ISIS women, to impregnate them,” Ahmet, 13, and Hamid, 14, told a guard at Camp al Hol in northeast Syria, according to Syrian Defense Force officials. “Can you get us out of here?”
While some of these women want nothing more to do with ISIS, others continue in their violent dedication to the Caliphate—insisting on carrying on ISIS’s distorted Islamic dictates, punishing women who renounce ISIS—and working hard to indoctrinate children whose countries continue to refuse to repatriate them. Some of these ISIS diehard women have refused voluntary repatriation, with their countries of origin allowing them to also refuse repatriation for their children.

Housing boys who reach puberty can be difficult in the camps, and some were being transferred to detention facilities. Under a new policy, the boys will now be transferred to rehabilitation centers.'

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