Trending in the markets: ETFs led by women, focused on women

Article here. Because nothing says "profitable" more than the sex of the head of the company! Excerpt:

'Empowering women to thrive in leadership positions continues to be at the forefront of American businesses. This trend continues to expand to all facets of the U.S. economy, including investing and asset management.

One standout is Hypatia Capital, which has been focused on investing in women in leadership since 2007. At the helm is Patricia Lizarraga, managing partner of Hypatia Capital, based in New York. According to Lizarraga, the naming of the firm is based on a trailblazing female.
"WCEO is, as far as we know, the only ETF investing in women CEOs as an investment strategy, and specifically isolating the Female Factor: 118 holdings include all publicly traded American companies with a female CEO, small to mega-cap. Industry neutral, equally weighted," Lizarraga tells FOX Business.'

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