Why I worry about my sons’ maturity, not their masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'There seems to be broad agreement across the political spectrum that America has a masculinity problem. For many on the left, men who do not profess sufficiently progressive politics are presumptively “toxic.” For many in the center and on the right, the educational system’s ostensible war on boys and the cultural left’s alleged attack on that so-called “toxic masculinity” are in part to blame for the purposelessness and malaise currently afflicting so many males.

While it’s true that many American boys and men today are struggling (doing less well than girls in school; failing to launch careers or start families; and succumbing to alarming rates of depression, anxiety, drug addiction and suicide), this crisis is not actually about the partial rebranding of masculinity as toxic.

It is, in fact, about the total rebranding of adulthood as offensive.

The zeitgeist at present is best understood as society-wide infantilization. We defer to subjective fantasy even when it collides with objective reality. We privilege identity over biology, narrative over fact and feeling over virtue.

This rejection of maturity disproportionately impacts boys and men such that the current “masculinity crisis” appears to exist for two related reasons.'

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