Circumcision linked to ACEs and violent households, says new study

Article here. Excerpt:

'Children from dysfunctional households experience a proportionally greater number of adverse experiences than other children. One such common event is male child genital cutting, or circumcision. This study surveyed five-hundred randomly selected circumcised and intact men concerning their experiences before 18 years of age using the 10-item Adverse Childhood Experiences checklist (ACE). The cumulative scores for men with circumcised penises (2.83) were higher on average compared to those for men with intact penises (2.44). In this cohort, male child genital cutting was more common in dysfunctional, violent households.'

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. . . that the people who do research on ACEs appear to be biased against males. We see this in the fact that they list witnessing your mother suffer violence as an ACE, but not your father. They are also reluctant to label circumcision as an ACE, despite it causing irreversible physical and psychological damage. Sad that people who act like they care about children clearly don't care about the male half.

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