'I was out of the country and I'm not physically capable - but a rape allegation is ruining my life'

Article here. Excerpt:

'A former military police officer claims he has been driven to the brink of taking his own life after being falsely accused of rape three times. Paul Nugent, 59, from Heywood, has made official complaints to Greater Manchester Police’s Professional Standards Branch over what he claims is Rochdale division’s failure to bring charges against his accuser for making the allegation and, he says, ‘ignoring’ evidence which would have established his innocence.

GMP spokesperson said the force has received 'nine contacts' from Mr Nugent, some of which were 'repeats' of previously reported complaints or appeals, and that the majority have now been closed with no misconduct found.
Instead, he says, he has spent 50 hours in police custody as a result of the accusation, and has battled for two years to clear his name amid the 'stigma' of being a rape suspect. Mr Nugent claims he told police about medical evidence which showed he suffers from Peyronies Disease, which he says renders him physically incapable of rape, but that officers ignored the evidence.'

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