NHL Reverses Course After DeSantis Admin Warns About ‘Discrimination’ Event Permitting Only Non-Whites, Non-Males

Article here. Excerpt:

'After Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office issued a warning Friday for the National Hockey League’s advertisement in Fort Lauderdale for “discrimination,” the NHL reversed course.

The NHL will reportedly now open its job fair to all individuals ages 18 and older after previously limiting it to certain genders and ethnicities, Fox News Digital first reported.

In a now-deleted job fair post on LinkedIn, the NHL had said it was only permitting those who meet the following qualifications:

Participants must be 18 years of age or older, based in the U.S., and identify as female, Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, and/or a person with a disability. Veterans are also welcome and encouraged to attend.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, the NHL said the “original wording of the LinkedIn post associated with the event was not accurate.”'

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