Stomping on Your Husband's Balls Does Not Make Him More of a Man

Article here. Nice to see it. Excerpt:

'The women's movement has spawned a generation of females who are running the world. They're taking over. They're telling their men what to do and they're stomping on their balls and then complaining about the fact that they're hooked up to a weak man. You can't call your dude a half-man if you're the one who castrated him in the first place. It isn't cool, and it isn't fair.
What I'm arguing for is this: We women want to be treated with respect. We want to be treated as equals. So we should do the same for men. Women treat men like they're children. We need to stop that. The boat has tipped far enough. Everyone deserves respect. Men. Women. Children. And if you want a man to treat you like a goddess, it would help a lot if you treat him well. Otherwise, we women are creating the boy-men who demand their toys and then complaining that they're always watching porn and never growing up. If you want a man, it doesn't hurt to treat your partner like he already is one.'

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