ASU publishes 'black male privilege checklist'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Arizona State University has published on its official website a "checklist" to address "Black Male Privilege."

ASU's “Project Humanities” initiative "facilitates critical conversations among diverse communities through talking, listening, and connecting" by exploring "shared ideas and experiences." The initiative lists several "initiatives," including one called "Privilege and Bias."

According to the university, the initiative "hosted 2-hour workshops that explored everyday manifestations of privilege." The page lists several different events from 2014, and says "These workshops have now evolved to be Humanity 101 in the Workplace: Lessons in Privilege and Bias."
Project Humanities has similar privilege checklists for able-bodied individuals, heterosexuals, thin individuals, and Christians. It also lists “pandemic” privileges, such as living in a house or having health insurance.'

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... to the stream of resentment from feminists.

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