Change the law to make it fairer for fathers

Article here. Excerpt:

'In the 1970s, Ruth Bader Ginsburg famously used “Appendix E” — a list of hundreds of laws that discriminated on the basis of sex — as a playbook for dismantling gender discrimination. Almost all the statutory language that explicitly treated men and women differently has since been struck from the law books. Yet New York State has failed to remove a blatant example of gender discrimination from our Domestic Relations Law.

Gov. Hochul has a bill on her desk that would remedy that. It is aptly named the Parental Equity Act (S6389/A7347).

The bill fixes a law that dates back to the time when children of unmarried parents were considered “illegitimate” and makes unmarried fathers’ parental rights categorically contingent on providing financial support, ignoring the many other important ways fathers support their children. Fathers, of course, just like mothers, provide love and emotional support, as well as the full range of daily parental care — cooking for, bathing, and dressing children, taking them to school, helping them with homework, and more.'

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