Women-only: This Texas resale marketplace hopes to make selling safe

Article here. Excerpt:

'Allhers, an online platform based in Austin, Texas, says it’s devoted to providing women a safe place to buy and re-sell products — by eliminating men from the equation.

Becca Butler, one of the founders of Allhers, said she frequently moved around from childhood into adulthood. When she moved from Los Angeles to Austin, she joined a women-only discussion group and decided to list some furniture she was selling.

“It sold immediately,” she said.

Further, her experience selling in this group was much more pleasant than in previous instances where she sold her stuff on other platforms, such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

“Everyone Venmoed me ahead of time…No one was haggling or lowballing me,” she said. “Conversations were really friendly, and it just felt a lot more fun. I wasn’t worried about strangers coming over to pick up this furniture because they’d already been vetted to be in the group.”

Her brother — another founder of Allhers — was thinking of ways to innovate the buy and sell space around the same time Becca had this experience. He interviewed many female consumers about their experiences on these platforms, Becca said, and realized many had negative experiences with men when buying or re-selling household items.'

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