Over 100k Russian men killed in war

Article here. If it were 100k women, it would have been stopped long ago. Male disposability is one of many issues around equality that feminism ignores. Excerpt:

'VLADIMIR Putin has the blood of 100,000 Russian soldiers on his hands as the grim milestone was reached today 10 months after Russia's doomed invasion.

But experts have said that Mad Vlad will be happy to send one million Russians to the slaughter in his desperate bid to achieve victory in Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials have been keeping a close tally on the war's death toll - and today claimed Putin has a grand total of 100,400 men.

With the war reaching day 302, that means Vlad has lost an average of 332 soldiers a day since February.

It is a military failure of incredible scale, with poorly trained and poorly equipped soldiers being sent to their deaths in muddy trenches.

Putin's military death toll is already more than six times higher than the Soviets lost in Afghanistan, and 20 times higher than US casualties in Iraq.'

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