UK: Woman calls for men's shelters after son murdered by fiancėe

Article here. Excerpt:

'A mum whose son was stabbed to death by his fiancée is calling for more refuges to open for male victims of domestic violence.

Jose Linnane, 67, screamed "like an animal" when police told her her son Simon Gilchrist had been murdered at his flat in York in 2004.

The 23-year-old's abusive fiancée Caroline Mawhood stabbed him in the heart after she came home from a night of drinking.

Mrs Linnane is now desperately trying to prevent further deaths by calling for new refuges to open.

London does not have a single refuge for male victims of domestic violence, according to the charity ManKind.

Mrs Linnane, from York, told the Mirror: "It makes me spit feathers there's not a single refuge for men in London.'

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