UN to investigate use of ‘parental alienation’ tactic in custody cases

Article here. Excerpt:

'The UN special rapporteur on violence against women and girls is to investigate how family courts around the world approach “parental alienation” (PA) and how this may lead to the double victimisation of those who have suffered domestic abuse.

There is no single agreed definition of parental alienation but a generally accepted description is a child’s rejection of one parent as a result of psychological manipulation by their preferred parent.

Reem Alsalem will examine what is behind an increase in allegations of PA in highly acrimonious child custody cases, in particular when used to counter claims of domestic abuse.

Alsalem claims the majority of parents accused of “alienating” their child while alleging abuse are women. In some cases, mothers who have been accused of alienation have had their children permanently removed from their care or faced imprisonment.'

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I see the B&M Gates Fndn is in on it, too.

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