“Why Is the Men’s $400 Million” – Megan Rapinoe Hits Back at the Massive Prize Money for the FIFA World Cup

Article here. Excerpt:

'While talking about the prize money of the FIFA World Cup she said: “It is a little bit of a complicated issue and it is a little bit more nuance than you know at times we would even express it so I will concede on that. But it is also like ok, why is the men’s 400 million and why is the women’s 400 million?”

She added” ” It’s so frustrating because the investment peace is just like astronomically different and so until that is equal like I don’t wanna talk about you know whether it’s TV rights or sponsorship dollars or anything like that. And I actually think the Women’s National team is a really amazing example of this. Like considering that we haven’t been paid as much and as much attention and effort haven’t been put towards you know from our own federation or sponsors or TVship rights and we are still successful”.

From all these statements, it’s clear that Rapinoe believes that paying both men’s and women’s soccer teams the same is not fair. According to her the women’s soccer team should be paid more as they have achieved a lot more in comparison to the men’s team.'

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