LUX Creates Bold New Workplace Training Designed to Stop Everyday Sexism in the Workplace

Article here. Excerpt:

'With a mission to power women with the strength to express their femininity without fear of everyday sexist judgments, Unilever's global beauty brand LUX takes another leap forward in fighting everyday sexism at the workplace. This month LUX has launched the Allies e-learning programme - a free global training resource for companies to rally colleagues to come together and stand against everyday sexism.

Everyday sexism exists regardless of profession, country, or cultural background. This is even more prevalent and ingrained in developing and emerging countries. Despite greater advocacy for gender equality since the #MeToo movement took off, sexism and sexual harassment continue to be persistent issues that plague society today. LUX's 'Finding Strength in Beauty' 2021 whitepaper supported this view and discovered that women regularly face up to 17 types of judgements, 70% of which are appearance-related with even 26% worried about being seen as overly successful at work.'

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