Pelosi told Obama Dems lost House in 2010 because White men 'get in a mood' when they don't have jobs

Article here. Excerpt:

'On the phone with Obama, Pelosi said Democrats shouldn't consider their wipeout as a referendum on health care reform. Instead, she blamed White males upset with high unemployment rates for Democratic losses.

"Our members have said they don't regret their health care bill right across the board. Even if we never passed health care reform, we were still going to lose this election because of 9.5% unemployment. ‘Cause it wasn’t about that, it was about jobs," Pelosi assured the president.

"The White male thing is just — that's a dominant thing. When they don't have a job, they get in a mood," she said. "And, um, so we'll have to make some decisions in our caucus about how we go forward."'

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