University of Houston hosts anti-masculinity lecture

Article here. Excerpt:

'The University of Houston Law Center recently hosted a lecture titled “The Jurisprudence of Masculinity.”

Keynote speaker and NYU law professor Melissa Murray defined the jurisprudence of masculinity as “a jurisprudence that prioritizes and protects rights that are coded and understood as male, as well as the men who would exercise those rights,” arguing that the Roberts Court has exemplified this jurisprudence.
Campus Reform has found, however, that women are often prioritized over men, putting into question Murray's case.

In custody battles, "women are awarded child custody in nearly 90 percent of all cases," according to Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law. This is because "women have always been considered superior parents," says Cordano.

But such preference towards women is not isolated to the courts. Universities perpetuate the preference towards women.

Stanford University, for example, is under investigation for discriminating against men, as Campus Reform recently reported.'

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