The fall of man in American culture

Article here. Excerpt:

'1. The feminist movement was a two-edged sword. As it sought to liberate women, it did so at the expense of men as it attacked so-called toxic masculinity. Along the way, it eviscerated the vital role of men as fathers, heads of households, providers and protectors.

Specifically, society at large encouraged men to get in touch with their “feminine-side” as they abandoned their traditional roles in family and society in deference to the ability of women to supplant them as equals.

2. The attack on men, became a war on boys. Even though nearly all scientific literature indicates that boys and girls mature at different rates and are stimulated by different things, mothers in the home and teachers in schools began to push back against the things that little boys are made of, including boundless rambunctious energy.

In the 1960s, with the dispensing of drugs like Ritalin, hyperactive young boys were diagnosed as having attention deficit disorders at twice the rate of girls and were deleteriously drugged accordingly.'

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