Julia Fox Says Men ‘Shouldn’t Even Be Allowed To Have Penises’, Describes How She Would Kill Them

Article here. Excerpt:

'Julia Fox revealed she doesn’t think men should have penises and got into a conversation about how she would kill off members of the opposite sex during an upcoming interview on Showtime’s “Ziwe,” to be aired Sunday at 11 p.m.
Fox said she would contemplate dating women because of the negative feelings she seems to have toward men. “They all, like, are equally horrible, to be honest. All men,” Fox said in the interview.

Fox then talked about the way she would kill men, saying in the interview she would make it appear to be an overdose. Interviewer Ziwe asked if she was “pro-women killing men.”
Fox went on to compare a penis to “a weapon of mass destruction.” Fox then appeared to stun Ziwe by saying if she was president, she would give every woman a gun and none to men. “I think it equals the playing field,” Fox said. “I think we wouldn’t get f—ed with so much,” Fox said.'

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. . .someone clearly needs a therapist.

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