'White men' demonstrating against violence towards women are accused of 'stealing' the occasion from UN anti-abuse day

Article here. Excerpt:

''White men' demonstrating against violence towards women on the United Nations' anti-abuse day have been slammed by a campaigner for 'stealing' the occasion and 'erasing an event connected to Hispanic women'.

White Ribbon Day, a protest day created by men to promote ending male violence towards women, is held on November 25.

It was formed by a group of pro-feminist men in Ontario in 1991 after Marc Lépine shot dead 14 female students at the École Polytechnique in Montreal on December 6, 1989.

But the date is also home to the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women - born out a day of protest for the Mirabal sisters, who were murdered in the Dominican Republic in 1960.

Karen Ingala-Smith, chief executive of domestic violence charity Nia, said: 'That was honouring women of colour, so we've got a bunch of white Canadian men stealing the day, and erasing an event connected to Hispanic women.'

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Feminism hates men. It can't stand having men around at all. Some feminists ingest this value and these tend to be more likely to rise to leadership positions within feminism. Their words and exclusionary attitude toward men is the very definition of "hateful attitudes".

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Feminism is really just gender narcissism, as evidenced by how women constantly complain that men can never do anything right --even when they serve women, grovel or self-flagellate. I don't know why any man would care to help women given that all they would get is grief and criticism for it. Then again, I guess simps gonna simp.

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