Are Michelle Obama and Meghan Markle true feminists... or did they just marry well?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Given that Michelle Obama sold 14 million copies of her book Becoming, inevitably she now has a new literary offering.

The Light We Carry is supposedly a guide for all women, everywhere, in their 'ongoing journey to "becoming"'. We must embrace our true potential, she suggests, despite being thwarted by prejudice and, yes, dastardly men.

Michelle offers such sage reflections as 'fear can keep us safe, but fear can keep us stuck'. Eh? 'We practise, we learn, learn and practise, we make mistakes then start over again,' she writes. If we 'recognise our light, we become empowered by it'. She also hails the joys of knitting to find lasting peace.
The point is that Michelle's personal fortune of about $70 million has not been built on her uniqueness, nor her wisdom, but on the fact she is Mrs Barack Obama. She is famous, and is only given such platforms, because she was married to a President.'

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