UK: Tech giants will be punished for ‘legal but harmful’ content

Article here. Excerpt:

'Tech giants will be punished for sexism and racism on their platforms despite moves to water down laws on “legal but harmful” content, says the minister who helped draft the new plans.

Damian Collins, who was the digital minister responsible for the bill until last month, said companies would be held to account for “legal but harmful” sexist and racist content through their terms and conditions of service.

This would mean that if they failed to deliver what they promised in their terms of service in protecting people from such abuse, they could face punishment by the regulator Ofcom, which has powers to impose fines worth up to 10 per cent of global turnover.

The crackdown - part of the online safety bill - will remain in the proposed law despite moves by the Government to strip out specific clauses spelling out the legal and harmful content from which adults should be protected.'

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