Transforming the Supply Chain Industry With Gender Diversity

Article here. Excerpt;

'In recent years, we have seen supply chain organizations make major changes to become more flexible and resilient to combat the numerous delays, shortages, and bottlenecks the industry has faced. The changes being implemented are bringing more diverse perspectives to the table. In turn, this has enabled companies to challenge legacy-focused mindsets, adapt to the shifting regulatory mandates in the industry, adjust to trends quicker, and embrace innovative automation technologies.

As a woman in the field, I know women have skills that position them to make viable changes in the supply chain. Women supply chain managers and leaders at major organizations, such as Stericycle, UPS, and Johnson & Johnson, are likely to implement more balanced solutions by leading with cooperation, collaboration, and empathy.

Women think about complex, dynamic supply chain ecosystems intuitively, determining the best ways to align them successfully. It has also been said that women have persevered and performed far better than their male counterparts during the Great Resignation. Part of the reason for this is women’s inclusive nature.'

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