Auckland Feminists Demand Cancellation of Jordan Peterson Event

Article here. Excerpt:

'Auckland Feminist Action (AFA) is calling on Auckland Council for the immediate cancellation of Jordan Peterson's “12 More Rules for Life” event at Spark Arena on the 19th November 2022.

Peterson is a well known figure in the "Manosphere", a group of alt-right communities centred around violent misogyny, transphobia, and white supremacy.

This is especially concerning in light of the rise of extremism and disinformation happening in Aotearoa in recent times.

"By giving Peterson a platform on this scale, the Council is complicit in the radicalisation of young men in Aotearoa." says Dave (they/them pronouns), a member of AFA.

“He appeals to vulnerable guys who are still working out what it means to be a man. Some of his fans just like his books on a superficial level but the stuff his hardcore fans say is honestly quite concerning to me as a transgender person.”'

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